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Shop Chat - Personality Profile Tests

I am very interested in other personality tests and how they compare to the four elements and my own Astrolenergies system.   . . . .

Most of these tests have you pick a response from those presented with the understanding your biases and preferences will come through.  They can be quite subjective however depending on how the questions are written, how you are feeling, and what examples you have in your mind at the time.  I know I have had at least two different profiles from the Briggs-Myer test.

A different one I read about is based on observable behaviours in young children and their parents.

Drs Thomas and Chess came up with a classification system based on:

what you can do - abilities and talents
why you do it - motivation and purposes
temperament - styles of behaviour

And mark the following 9 behavioural attributes along a scale :

sensitivity - how much stimulus you need to provoke a response
intensity - energy levels of response
activity - physical energy
adaptability - how long it takes to change over time
approach / withdrawal - how responsive to experiences
persistence and attention span - length stay engaged on a task, through frustrations etc
regularity of biological rhythms - including sleep, hunger, toilet
distractibility - how easily drawn away from a task
mood - how happy they are, positive or negative

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Product of the Day - Skull Teaspoon

I thought I had sold out of these - but found another pack hidden away.

These are super cute and something different to stir the morning coffee, and contemplate life.

Stainless steel, standard size.

What's New - Alchemy Jewellery previously arrived

I've now put up all of the stunning new releases of Alchemy Jewellery -  including a great range of adjustable rings! . . . Only to discover that I missed adding some necklace and earring designs from the last lot of new releases that arrived a little later than the others . . .  so the earrings have just gone up, most featuring the "Blacksoul" range, cute black enamelled hearts with bat wings.  The necklace shown above is a popular style called the Queen of the Night and now comes with black stones; the original green ones have been discontinued but there might be one left in stock if you are quick.


The next season parcel to go out will be the July Full Moon Surprise Pack. . . .

In the effort to provide you with a full range of services for all your magickal living and ritual needs we offer a number of different monthly subscription packs and surprise parcels.  The Full moon packs were actually an idea requested by a customer - to send him all the seasonal supplies he would need to celebrate each fun moon, so that he didn't have to worry about it himself.  That was years ago now and these packs are also very popular - each month you get the appropriate candles, crystals, herbs, charms, incense and / or oils etc - as well as a special gift or two that fits in with the the

Hi Margaret,
I just received my order in time for the full moon and Ostara celebration. I wanted to say thank you so much as it was absolutely perfect! So much attention to detail and thought was put into this package and I just wanted you to know I am very grateful for your efforts. I love every single item and can't wait to use everything in my upcoming ritual.Much love and many blessings,

I have been a customer of Uncle Fester's for a couple of years now, and love it! I subscribe to their Magick by the Month parcel and am always pleased with the goodies I get every month. Margaret is very passionate about what she does and shares information in her newsletters and free courses as well as having the online shop. Great communication about orders. Highly recommended! K1

Today I received my first Full Moon  package and as with all of the products that are available on this site; the contents and quality of contents are excellent. I am especially delighted that my order was delivered quickly and in time for the full moon.

I love it! Thank you so much, it was a great mix of interesting things ^_^



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